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Polaris Partners Include CA Technologies Products

Polaris has partnered with global leaders in the field of software change management. If you would like to become a Polaris partner, please contact us.

CA Technologies

CA Technologies is one of the largest software companies in the world. CA's broad range of software solutions addresses all aspects of e-business management. CA Technologies products, like Harvest Software Change Manager, are integrated, repository-based change and configuration management solutions that help organizations effectively manage complex, enterprise-wide development activities throughout the entire application lifecycle.

E. Crane Computing

E. Crane Computing's mission is to provide the IT industry with leading-edge tools for the software configuration management and maintenance stages of development. E. Crane's tools assist companies in dramatically reducing development costs. E. Crane is the developer of PowerGen, a build manager for PowerBuilder applications, HarPB, a robust interface between PowerBuilder and Harvest, and HarFind, a repository search tool for Harvest.